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2019 Summer’s Place LIVE

Live. Local. Acoustic. | The Plaza at Stonewater
Friday & Saturday  |  8:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.


24th  The HitchHikers

25th The Bricks



1st  Alan Getto Trio

7th Abacus Jones

8th  Buckle Up

14th Pappy from The Cause Solo

15th  Heavenly Biscuits

20th Ebony & Ivory Dueling Piano Show

21st  Shiva Skydriver Band

22nd  Ian Opalinski

28th  Woods Rising Trio

29th  Brandon Crawford



5th  Right Turn Clyde

6th The Hayley Dailey Band

12th The HitchHikers

13th  The Bricks

19th T. Bird & Freddie

20th  Tim & Stacey

26th  Craig & The Good Times Gang

27th  Woodsmoke



2nd  The Jakobs Ferry Stragglers

3rd  Shelf Life String Band

9th  Abacus Jones

10th  Same Moon

16th T. Bird & Freddie

17th  The Hayley Dailey Band

22nd  The Hayley Dailey Band

23rd  Flower Child – 25th Anniversary

24th  Shiva Skydriver

30th  Alive & Well

31st  Detention



6th The Hayley Dailey Band

7th Same Moon

13th Craig & The Good Times Gang

14th  Detention

20th Tim & Stacey

21st The HitchHikers

27th  Alan Getto