Our Events

Music and Entertainment

Thursday’s Weekend Warm-Up

6 – 9pm at the Stonewater Bar with special features each week!


2nd Acoustic Fingers
9th Gas House Annie Duo
16th Leah & Chris
23rd Heavenly Biscuits
30th Abacus Jones



6th The Phisbins
13th Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers
20th Sam Paul
27th Abacus Jones

Summer’s Place LIVE!

8 – 11pm Fridays & Saturdays.
Live. Local. Acoustic.


3rd Woodsmoke
4th Hansel
10th Perry’s Union
11th Tim & Stacey
17th Shiva Skydriver
18th Matt & Mike – *(Stonewater is Closed but music is still on and the Spitfire Grille will be open)
24th Hitchhikers
25th Mr. Jones & The Diva
31st Xavier Wells



1st Heavenly Biscuits
7th Gas House Annie Duo
8th Tim & Stacey
14th Book Endz
15th Alive and Well
21st Shiva Skydriver
22nd Acoustic Fingers
28th Detention
29th C&L Band